Gus Weesfree witnessed a brutal crime in his hometown of Tradition, Ohio, and fled. Now an old man, exhausted by life on the run, he is compelled to confront his past only to find most of his memories buried by urban sprawl. He seeks solace in Mabel, the sister he abandoned, a lifelong alcoholic who presumed him dead. As the surving Weesfree family exhumes their history, Gus finds that not all was as it seemed in Tradition. The love and betrayal of his youth ran far deeper than he ever imagined. Moving seemlessly between the present day and the 1930s and '40s, award-winning author Marci Blackman reveals the powerful force exerted by the past on the present. Tradition gracefully uncovers the Weesfree family secrets—and how race, family, and loyalty can shape a life.

Grit. Red earth. Southern spices. Tight like a shot gun house/filled with characters that live full, and hard. Flava permeates every bit of this story. Beautifully crafted. Tradition.

Sharon Bridgeforth, author of  the bull-jean stories


This is a novel to be savored and remembered...

G. Winston James, author of  Shaming the Devil



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Bike NYC

"Part history book, part guidebook, Bike NYC is a great snapshot of bicycle culture in early 21st century New York. It’s entertaining, enlightening and oftentimes irreverent. I don’t think I’ve ever read a guidebook that suggests that you insult the natives in order to get an authentic experience!" —Urban Velo Magazine