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I had the pleasure of listening to you read a selection from "Tradition" at the Celebrating African American Literature Conference at Penn State a few weeks ago. Your work captivates and speaks truth. Thank you for sharing.


Hi Marci, I just wanted to say I am a fan of your writing, I read Po Man's Child years ago and immediately went in search for other books. I recently wrote my own book entitled Somewhere, Nowhere, Anywhere But Here. I hope one day you can write a foreword for one of my books, I would be most honored.

Michelle Dixon

I am reading your tattoos. Regardless, you remain the most desirable woman on the planet. Just read Po. Heard it was written by a chick who terrorized West LA in a red convertible. Love ya always.

Salut Marci! Super site, j'adore la photo. Je viens de parler au telephone avec toi et ca m'a fait tres plaisir. Contente de savoir que tout va bien pour toi petit poisson... meme si parfois on nage dans les marecages...

MB 11/19/09
"I know what the world has done to my brother and how narrowly he has survived it." James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

MB 11/19/09
Fiction always matters. More than any other genre, I believe fiction documents what is/was happening in the world during the time the author is/was writing. Good fiction acts as a kind of mirror, reflecting our world back at us with the kind of honesty that can only be stomached one step removed. Through a filter, so to speak. I think in terms of writing, fiction is that filter.

MB 11/19/09:
I write because I have to, and because the stories I'm truly interested in reading, no one else seems to be writing.

MB 11/19/09
My 10 favorite authors in no particular order, and which does not necessarily mirror my 10 favorite books:
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Cormac McCarthy
Michelle Tea
Junot Diaz (newly discovered)
Jorge Luis Borges
Octavia Butler

reading: The Fire next Time, James Baldwin

when and how does fiction matter?

why do you write?
who are your 10 favorite authors?

MB: Just finished Joseph O'Neill's NETHERLAND. I didn't love it. Not quite sure yet what I think about it. The romp through NYC satisfied the tour guide in me. Thought the relationship between Hans and Chuck was the most compelling in the book. The husband/wife relationship and the character of Rachel seemed a little thin. Or at least I did not particularly care for them. A good read though as well as a good documentary of the immigrant's America. Learned more about the game of Cricket than I ever wanted to know.

MB: Finally finished Junot Diaz's THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO then dove immediately into DROWN. Wow! is right. I think his is one of the most refreshing voices in fiction today. Can't wait to see what he does next!

This looks great, Marci. Very impressive.

Awesome site Po'. Impressive.

Your brother,