Bike NYC

Whether bombing down Broadway on your fixed gear, pushing your cruiser through the mausoleums of the Cemetery Belt in Queens, or hopping on the Staten Island Ferry with your road bike to hammer out to Arthur Kill for a wintry picnic at the Tugboat Graveyard, whether spinning home from the office on your fold-up in your new DKNY cycling shorts, or struggling over the WB on your hybrid, book bag banging against your back as you climb, or rumbling through the Bronx along the Pelham Park Greenway on your way to the Sound for a chill day at Orchard Beach, BIKE NYC is your definitive guide to cycling and bicycle culture in New York City. Part guide book, photo gallery, history and human interest story, BIKE NYC takes you on virtual bike rides led by seasoned tour guides through all five boroughs and beyond, including a scenic trip up the Hudson to The Cloisters during the peak of the fall foliage change, a night time haunt through the brownstones of Brooklyn and the bustling, soul food smelling West Indian streets of Flatbush to the parallel universe of the Kensington mansions on Halloween. With bike maps, safety tips, bike shop rankings, spotlights on NYC bike clubs like the Classic Riders, front row seats to Alley Cat races, public bathroom locations, essentials, accessories, fashion dos and doníts and much, much more, for the novice or professional, tourist, commuter or messenger, BIKE NYC is the insiderís guide to biking in The City no urban cyclist will ever want to be without.

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